SAY - Science Around You program is available on request at a very reasonable price. Program topics like

Roammm.. balloon/elastic race cars

Spinning Science

The magic of Air, the power of water

Have you see a rainbow lately, the vision of Science

Force Around You


How your body works


Get Electrified

Temperature affects

Computer programming unplugged

Computer animation

and much more science around you! T

his educational program is a MUST for family networks, libraries and a plus to extra-curriculum to childcare, preschool and elementary school.

  • A 30-60 minutes program that demonstrates science around us, designed for larger group of audience. No hand-on experiments but it will be interactive and volunteers wanted. Some people might call it a magic show, but I will explain the science concept behind each act.

  • Longer, workshop-like program for older kids (age 8-12) with 15 minutes of demo/design tip and off the kids go and design, make and test out their prototypes. Perfect their products with help from professional engineer.

  • Workshop program designed up to 25 children (age 6 and up) with 15-20 minutes of demos around the topics and plenty of time for hand-on experiment to firm up the science concept learned. Have fun learning about science.

A special 4, 6 or 8 weeks program can be designed appropriately for specific age group, each session runs as short as 30 minutes or as long as 60 minutes. Children have fun learning with hand-on experiments. These programs provide STEAM + L (not just STEM!!) - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Literacy - real science story that will help children understand and remember how and why something is discovered and science is applied.

Science Around Trails

Breath some fresh airs and learn about all about Science Around Trails! Get your and your children out of the house and into the amazing world of outdoor nature! Program is designed by ages.

Grown Up Workshops

  • "Science Around Parent with child" that grown up can enjoy and do at home with their kids with more in depth explanations and demonstration that are perfect for 1 to 1 at home

  • "Science Around Cooking" that can turn someone from a cook following a recipe to a chef who invents new delicious yummy dish/cookies and having a yummy time learning it.

SAY - Science Around You is available locally in the Metrowest area in MA. I will travel within Eastern MA if you invited me to your place!