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SAY - Science Around You is an educational traveling science program that will amuse and amaze you and your little one! We do cool demonstrations and explain the science behind them in simple, easy to understand words. This program will excite the interest of science in your child and hand-on experiments make learning fun! It brings STEAM (not just STEM!) Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to you.

SAY - Science Around You is appropriate for ALL ages. Science is all around us and start introducing it to your children at young ages will enrich their lives years from now. It is NEVER too late to learn Science for adults either. We are now doing special Science workshop for Adults.

SAY - Science Around You is a 30-60 minute program (depending on age group) or on-going session weekly. It is fun, interactive at time and tailored to the ages of the audience. Demonstration is done using everyday items and the concept is science that happens everyday. Your children might call it "magic", but there is a science concept behind each one. This show might answer some of WHY questions your children have and may generate MORE! It is good for weekly program, standalone program and after school and summer programs!

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Science kits are available for purchase. This kit will help children learn and repeat the experiments again with parents/caretakers in the future. Science is based on experiments and observation, maybe your children will discover new experiment and share it with their friends and me! Sky is the limit!

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